2017 Fall Décor: Living Room

Hi friends! Fall is quickly creeping up on us and I couldn’t be more excited. Today I grabbed a pumpkin spice latte and finished my inside fall decorating! Decorating for fall is one of my favorite fall activities. It never fails, I always have my house decorated before the first official day of fall (September 22) ever arrives. Nothing like being prepared! I can’t help it. In my world, fall begins when football starts and Starbucks starts serving PSL’s again. Ha!

When it comes to fall décor, my favorite store is Homegoods (which is where the majority of these products came from). I cannot brag on Homegoods enough. The only downside is, they don’t have an online store so you must actually go into the store. I promise, if you don’t live near a Homegoods, it’s worth the drive to Norman. I was really impressed by their variety. I wouldn’t consider myself “traditional” in my decorating style. I like things a little bit funky (ex. gold chevron striped pumpkins). Luckily, Homegoods has a little bit of everything for every decorating style. Inside I like to decorate with fake pumpkins, whereas outside I like to use the real thing. I’m not sure exactly what I would call this style of fall décor, but it’s totally me and I hope you like it! I’m sorry I can’t link the products, but most of them are from Homegoods. I also love Hobby Lobby and At Home for fall décor, they always have great finds! If you have questions about a specific piece, let me know and I can see if our Homegoods has it in stock! I also wanted to add, if you’re interested in this white and gold color scheme, but won’t be around a Homegoods anytime soon, Nordstrom has some ADORABLE pieces that you can check out here.


Mantel: The mantel in our living room is definitely the focal point of the room. It’s the primary spot in our home that I decorate for fall, because there’s so much good space to work with. The bundles of wheat, both pumpkins on the mantel and thankful sign are all from Homegoods. The large mirror is from At Home, click here for the direct link to the mirror. The fall garland is from an Etsy shop, I really love this one.



Fireplace: I felt there was enough room at the bottom of the fireplace to add a few more items. I typically like to keep things on the mantel and fireplace very balanced and symmetrical. That’s why I added the bundles of wheat on opposite sides of the mantle. However, since that was so symmetrical, I thought it would look good if the décor at the bottom of the fireplace wasn’t as matchy matchy. Disclaimer: As you can probably tell I have ZERO education or training in any type of interior design. So, that’s why I use words like matchy matchy. I’m sure there are words out there that are more accurate and correct but I don’t know them! Ha. The “Blessed” sign, silver basket of pumpkins are both from Homegoods. The pumpkins and vases are from Hobby Lobby, from past seasons.



Dining room/Kitchen:  I don’t personally love a lot of seasonal decorations in the kitchen or dining room. I think it’s because our kitchen and dining room are fairly small, so I’m afraid to clutter them too much. So, I kept it really simple. I added a pumpkin light and this candle to our kitchen bar. This specific light I bought a few years ago at Homegoods, but I found a similar light here. In the dining room, I keep a mirrored tray and just change-up the tray a bit with changing seasons. So, I took out a vase of flowers I had right there and replaced it with a small glass gold pumpkin.


Entryway: Lastly is our entryway! Which, is very casual. I’m not 100% sure I will keep it this way, I think I would rather have something less casual. So I’m keeping my eye out for something new!


I hope you all have enjoyed this post! As soon as I get my front porch decorated I will be sharing that on here. If you have any questions about the items in this post or just need some decorating advice, please don’t hesitate to ask me!


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