Pom Pom ASOS dress

Hey friends! April has flown by for me. I’ve begun supervision for my clinical licensing. In the state of Oklahoma, in order to get your LCSW (which allows you to provide direct therapy and diagnose mental illness) you must undergo 4,000 hours of supervision. Which means you find a board approved LCSW supervisor who is agreeable to supervising you. You pay them or your employer pays them, to meet with you weekly for at least one hour. So, if you’re ever interested in obtaining this license, you first need a masters degree in social work. Then you must obtain your LMSW (Licensed Masters Social Worker) which includes an application process that has to be approved by the State Board of Licensed Social Workers, followed by fees and an exam. Once you’ve passed this exam you can then apply for LCSW supervision and then begin supervision once that is approved by the board. I’m thinking of doing a whole post over this if any of you are interested in the process. Anyways, it’s safe to say April has been very busy! We were able to spend Easter in Tish with our families, which was really nice. I ordered the dress below with Easter in mind but I’m thinking of packing it for our beach vacation in May. I’ve linked the website for this pom pom beauty below!


Dress: ASOS Shoes: Steve Madden

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