Favorite Christmas Gifts

Happy New Year, friends! I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts with you all. Now, my family and friends are amazing at gift giving so I had to condense this list because I literally love everything I received.

1. Adidas kicks. This year my dad gave me his credit card and told me to order what I wanted for Christmas. Now that I wear scrubs everyday, I have a whole new need for tennis shoes. So I ordered these beauties from Macy’s. Find them here.


2. Gigi New York Jenni Saddle Bag. I have wanted one of these bags forever but just didn’t have the money to spend on it.


3. Prada Candy Perfume. I’ve been a loyal Chanel Chance lady for about 5 years. I recently found Prada Candy and fell in love. Click here for direct link.


4. Tarteist Tarte Pallette. My Ninny always gets us make up and this year she came in so clutch with this palette. These colors are so pretty and pigmented.


5. Pioneer Woman Cake Stand. My Aunt and I are pretty much obsessed with the Pioneer Woman. We are dying to visit her Mercantile. It’s only fitting she gifted me this gorgeous mint cake stand. Also, mint is my favorite color which makes it even more perfect.


I would love to know what gifts you guys received or gifted that you’re enjoying!


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