Getting Organized: Jewelry

This year instead of making resolutions I know I won’t keep, I decided to work on different aspects of my life that could use a little improvement. The area I’m working on today is organization. I love clothes and jewelry and would die for a walk in closet, complete with velvet lined jewelry drawers big enough to hold my whole collection. But, that type if organization isn’t always realistic. When we buy a house I’m going to get serious about investing in some high-end organizational pieces, but until then, I’m trying to work with what I’ve got! I wanted to find a way to organize my jewels, but also display them in an aesthetically pleasing way, like they do in stores and boutiques. It’s like going shopping every morning when you get ready for work. With that being said, has become by new best friend. I wanted to go with an acrylic/chrome theme, since I’m attempting to capture that boutique vibe. I brought out all of my latest pieces and sat them on my dining table. The light in my room isn’t the greatest and I display them on top of my dresser, so it’s a little cramped. I wanted to photograph them individually so you guys can get a better idea of the size and how much jewelry they’ll hold. I’ve linked each piece, I’m sure there are lots of sites out there that sell this stuff, but Amazon was just super easy and between you and I, I’m a little inpatient so the two day shipping was a plus. Enjoy!


Earring Organizer- Amazon



Bracelet Organizers- Amazon


Necklace T Stand- Amazon


Watch Box- from HomeGoods in store, less than $20, but linked a similar one from Amazon

For my more costume pieces that I don’t wear as often, I just hang on an over-the-door hook I got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I think it’s supposed to be used for towels but I use it for necklaces.


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