Jack Rogers look-alike sandals

Folks, sandal season is officially upon us! It’s pretty exciting because sandals are awesome.  I’ve recently found a pretty amazing pair (or four) that I’m in love with. But one in particular has quickly become a favorite of mine. There are a few reasons for this. The main reason is because they are (almost) an exact replica of the Jack Rogers ‘Lauren’ sandal, but for a fraction of the cost. I found them at Bella Marie Boutique. I ordered the white pair and gold pair in a 9, my usual size, got them in and they were too small. I contacted the boutique, they let me send them back free of charge, and sent two more in a size 10, that fit like a dream. They get an A+ for customer service. With that being said, if you have narrow feet,  you could probably still wear your normal size, however, I have wide feet. So if you do too, I suggest going up a whole size. I’ve linked the Jack Rogers pair, along with the look-alikes from Bella Marie Boutique, which are over $100 cheaper. So whether you’re looking to spurge, or looking to save, these are a great summer go to. I can’t brag on them enough. I have a huge problem with finding shoes that don’t hurt my feet, and I haven’t had any trouble with these yet. P.S. if you are a Southern Oklahoma gal, last time I check, Pink Door Boutique also had the look-alikes in stock!

Here are the original Jack Rogers pair.


Jack Rogers $127.95

And the adorable affordable look-alikes.


Bella Marie Boutique $19.80

So just a disclaimer, I can’t compare the two on comfort or durability, because I don’t own an actual pair of Jack Rogers. Mainly because, I’ve never been super crazy about them, in relation to their price. I think they’re cute, but I personally don’t feel I would get enough wear out of them, to justify paying $130 for them. So I’ve found a solution, that I love and hope you will too.

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