The Perfect NYE Ensemble

Hi y’all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. This year Billy and I had a chance to spend time with everyone we love. I literally saw everyone I wanted to and that was my favorite part of this Christmas. My second favorite, is my new Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Most of the photos taken for this blog were taken with my Iphone, so I’m excited to post higher quality photos! Since today is NYE, I thought this outfit would be extremely appropriate. Which leads to one of my biggest pet peeves about NYE. I love a good sequined minidress (who doesn’t??) but I hate how girls will wear the skimpiest outfits on NYE, just to freeze and be uncomfortable all night. I mean, maybe if you’re on the hunt for a guy, that’s a good route to go, but not for this girl. I want to be as comfortable as possible while looking just as fun and sparkly as those girls in their sequined get-ups. That being said, I think this outfit is a great compromise. It’s casual, festive, comfortable, and dressed up just enough. Also, I’ve got to brag on this vest. It is my absolute favorite find of the season. It was an early Christmas gift from Mom.

Happy New Year’s Eve! I wish you a fabulous and safe night!

(Please be patient with my photography and editing skills! Because, they’re pretty much non-existent right now. But, practice makes perfect, right? 😉






Top: I got this from Murray on Main in Tishomingo, OK. But I found two different options. One has is the same color and has the same vibe with the sequins, find it here. Then I found the exact top pictured, but in cream and black here

Vest: Okay here’s the story on the vest, I got mine at Dillard’s in Norman. I was just there Sunday they still had this vest as well as a few other options. Buying a fur vest online is super difficult, especially after Christmas, because it seems that they have all sold out. But there is this next option. I love this is one I’ve had my eye on it for the longest time. I’m debating buying it with what is left of my Christmas money. See it here

Jeans: here

Clutch: here

Boots: here

Bracelet: here

What are you guys wearing to ring in the new year?

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