Classic Casual

I have good news, it’s the weekend! I am so excited. Here are my weekend plans: watch Catching Fire, hang out with friends, take pictures for the blog and catch up on some sleep and homework (super pumped for the sleep, not so much for the homework). Since there are only weeks of school left and the holidays are quickly approaching, I really want to post as many outfits as possible. Here is my reasoning for this:

  • 1) It gives me an idea of what outfits I have posted already this fall, along with those outfits I want to post before the weather gets too cold
  • 2) I hope to spark some inspiration in my readers so they can find the perfect outfit for their holiday outings.

With that being said, I love this outfit and I think it’s the perfect combination of classic and casual. It’s just comfortable enough to wear to school or to run errands in, but it’s polished enough that you wouldn’t feel  under-dressed while doing so. I hope you like the outfit and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




Another appearance by Miss Priss.




Jacket: Nordstrom

Tee: Old Navy

Jeans:Old Navy

Scarf: Charl0tte Russe

Shoes: Toms, which were previously on the blog. Link here

Necklace: Bliss Boutique

Bag: Coach, sold out. Similar here

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