Saying Goodbye to the Month of Everything Pumpkin


Happy Halloween, y’all! It’s really weird that I’ve only posted once in the month of October, considering it is one of my favorite months. I’d like to chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been crazy busy, but honestly, I’ve come to learn in the past month that I’m just really bad at multitasking. I’ve always considered myself to be organized and somewhat good at multitasking, but I’ve realized now that I have never actually had to multitask before. If ever I’ve thought that I knew what being busy looked like, I didn’t. But now I think I’m getting a good understanding of what it means to be truly busy and to become a good multitasker.

Since I’ve been slacking and have only posted once in October, I wanted to use this post to “review” my month through pictures and stories. From visiting multiple pumpkin patches to grabbing a pumpkin spice latte anytime I’m within a 20 mile radius of a Starbucks, I feel like October has lived up to the high expectations I always associate with it. I’m kind of sad to see it end, but one awesome thing about transitioning from October to November, is that you can keep the pumpkin theme going throughout Thanksgiving. That is, until everyone starts busting out the Christmas decor and music, which I love equally as much as I love pumpkins. Yay for the holidays! Here are some of my favorite memories of the past month.

photo 2(6)


photo 1(2)

photo 5(2)

photo 3(8)

photo 3(2)

One of my favorite memories from October has to be visiting Cornerstone Pumpkin Patch here in Ada, OK. We had been meaning to get down to Tishomingo to visit Baker’s Acres, but just never got around to it, so we decided to just go to the local pumpkin patch here in Ada. It turned out to be a great decision. Despite feeling kind of creepy for being the only 20-somethings there without children, I had a lot of fun and I think Billy did too.

photo 5(3)

This past weekend, I attended the Confluence Conference in OKC’s Plaza District. Going into it, I was a little intimidated. Actually, I was really intimidated. In the social work field, we adhere to so many policies and strict rules, which leaves little room for creativity. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to begin blogging. I’m not claiming to be the best dressed blogger or even a super creative person, but creativity does matter to me and I needed a way to express it (hence the blog). This conference was geared towards bloggers and other creative professionals, so I thought I would be way out of my league. But turns out, everyone was super friendly and the information presented wasn’t way over my head, and I ended up learning a lot. I’m glad I went! Afterwards, Jess and I hit up The Mule. I’ve been creeping The Mule on Urbanspoon for the longest time. It was just as delicious I thought it would be.  The food and drinks are tasty and the atmosphere is laid back. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check it out

october 018

october 019

october 044

october 041

october 046

It seems like anything dealing with pumpkins is a pretty common theme in my life. One weekend in Norman, we spent the whole weekend decorating pumpkins and watching football. Now, that is what October is all about if you ask me!


This was a girls day I had in Norman with Kayla Jo. We hit up The Mont for swirls and shopped till we dropped. Coincidentally, there was a small pumpkin patch right next to the mall. Score!


Can’t leave out the pumpkin pie vodka! 😉

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