Back in Black

I want to apologize for being MIA lately. I have some exciting news! Two weeks ago I started my first job in the field of social work. I am a social work aide at DHS. Mainly, I just transport kids who are in foster care and supervise the visits between children and parents. I’ve only been there two weeks, but every day is new, rewarding, and challenging. It is hectic at times and calm at others. One minute I know I’m putting the things I’ve learned in the classroom, to use in the field, and the next I feel like I’m in over my head. But, that’s what makes it so great. No matter what that particular day brings, I know I am in my element and that I have definitely chosen the right career path for me.

With  the start of a new job and being in the middle of the semester, I have been overwhelmed with deadlines and due dates, which is to blame for my lack of blogging! Dressing professionally has been a fun experience! It’s weird trying to find a professional style, since I don’t have much experience with it. But it’s a fun challenge! I am so obsessed with this vest. I love the military inspired look, but haven’t found a jacket that I’m in love with. This vest was on clearance at JCPenney and I couldn’t resist. I hope you guys have had a wonderful and fulfilling week! Oh, and I’m so glad it’s October, because the month of October rocks my world.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 2(1) photo 2(5)

photo 5

photo 3(6)


Vest: here

Pants: here

Shirt: here

Boots: here

Handbag: Old. Simiar- here

New hair color: Amanda Britt. This lady rocks! If you’re around the Ada area and in need of a stylist, I will hook you up with her number. Love her and love my new darker, with a touch of red, hair.

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