Summer Recap: Maxi Madness

I’ve really been reflecting on summer the past few days about how quickly it has seemed to fly by. I have mixed emotions about it all. I’m ready for school, cooler weather, football, and I can always use a pumpkin spice latte, but there is something bittersweet about saying goodbye to your last carefree summer as a student without an 8-5 job. Perhaps buying school supplies will cheer me up, it’s always been my favorite thing about heading back to school. This summer was Billy’s and my last summer of undergrad, so we tried to make the best of it by spending our days swimming, lounging, and taking as many trips as we possibly could. We took a best friend vacation to my favorite place in the world, Crested Butte, and then took another getaway to Red River with family. Both were great and really allowed us to slow down, relax, and appreciate each other, nature, and the laid-back mountain lifestyle.

That being said I am extremely excited/anxious to kick this school year off. I have so many exciting events coming up, as well as some new professors. Seeing my social work girls is at the tip-top of my list. We are such a diverse and different group but so alike at the same time. If you’ve ever met a social worker, we are the most selfless, caring and emotion oriented people on campus, so we all get along and relate to one another really easily. It’s all warm and fuzzies, hearts and butterflies 90% of the time in Horace Mann.  Social work can be a tough, emotionally draining profession, so it’s important to keep an open heart and optimistic attitude. I guess more than anything, I’m ready to dive right into my last semester of class!

Even though I’m looking forward to fall, there is one part of summer that I will absolutely miss in the cooler months, which is the infamous maxi dress. I think it’s safe to say I have definitely overdone the maxi this summer, I just can’t help it. They are so easy to wear! I love to rock them with a denim vest. I’m determined to find a cool way to incorporate them into my fall wardrobe, maybe with a cardi or leather jacket. When I figure it out, I will be sure to fill you guys in! Instead of posting tons of individual posts featuring maxi’s that have already made an appearance on my Instagram, I thought I would just post a few of my favorites from summer on here. I hope everyone, students, teachers, and parents have a great first week at school, looking fresh in your favorite back-to-school gear!







1st look– Dress is old, from Unique Boutique in Madill, vest from Forever21

2nd look– Dress from Target, similar here


3rd look– This dress is also a Target special, the print is so much more vibrant and pretty in person. Same vest as above.


4th look– Maxi skirt came from Forever21, they are sold out of the pink but have the exact same skirt in kelly green, which I love too.

5th look– Dillard’s was having a huge maxi sale when I bought this, so I didn’t think they would have it anymore but they do! It also comes in a coral color, which is really pretty.

6th look– You can’t tell in the picture, but this maxi has tiny black and white stripes and fits really long. I got it at a boutique in Ada, and haven’t found any similar, but the brand is Ya Los Angeles. I know The Lucky Rose in Tishomingo, Ok carries this brand as well as Bliss Boutique in Durant, Ok.

7th look– This skirt is the same black skirt from my first post and the same as the pink skirt above! The shirt also came from Forever21. They have a tank in the exact print, then this dolman, which is really similar to the picture.

One thought on “Summer Recap: Maxi Madness

  1. Love! I only own one long skirt & three maxis. It’s hard to find a good length at my height;) my flowy skirt is pretty summer-only but the maxis are EASILY transitional, to work & through seasons.

    You w/maxis is a lot like me & skinny blank pants. It took all the power I had yesterday to say NO to a third pair lol

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